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Wuliangye baijiu or white spirits, is made from wheat, rice, corn, sorghum and glutinous rice. It tastes distinctly different from all the other Luzhou-flavored white spirits. “Yao Zi Xue Qu” is the most mature prototype of the Wuliangye baijiu series which is made from soybean, rice, sorghum, glutinous rice and buckwheat by the Yao family in Yibin City, during the Song dynasty. In year 1368, the Yao family’s secret recipe was passed down to the Chen family. They concluded and modified the secret recipe, renamed it as “Za Liang Jiu (Mix Grains liquor)”. It was then renamed again as “Wuliangye” by Yang Hui Quan in the late Qing dynasty. And now the Wuliangye baijiu is produced by the Yibin Wuliangye Group Co., Ltd.

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Wuliangye is produced using wrapped starter, fermented in the aged cellar pits, undergo years of storage and lastly careful blending. It was famous for its long lasting fragrance and sweet refreshing taste. With the advantages of unique natural ecological environment, the 638 years old Ming dynasty pit, secret five grains recipe, careful brewing process, the doctrine of the mean quality and the “Ten-Star Alcohol City”, Wuliangye becomes an outstanding and precious product in today’s China baijiu market.

The Taste

Wuliangye occupies a very important position in the China baijiu market. It is an excellent representative of the Luzhou-flavored white spirits with sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat and corn which are the five main ingredients. The taste of Wuliangye is mellow, sweet in the mouth and refreshing in the throat, a result of perfect coordination of all ingredients. These unique features have produced a well-known baijiu brand, Wuliange. Wuliangye is also commonly used for festive banquets and a frequent popular choice of gifts for family and friends.

The Logo

Wuliangye’s logo is circular in shape which represents the Earth, this implies Wuliangye products will definitely reach worldwide market. Five dynamic lines are moving up from the bottom and meet at a point at the top.

The five lines are the five main ingredients, Wuliangye baijiu is produced when these ingredients are putted together. At the same time, the moving up action indicates Wuliangye industry will grow more and more prosperous. The two concentric circles implies all Wuliangye crews no matter which outlet and region will remain united as one. The alphabet “W” in the middle of the small circle which is also the central of the big circle says Wuliangye is always in every employee’s heart.